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RDFS Entailment Rules (3)


\[\frac{u \quad \verb|rdfs:subClassOf| \quad v \quad . \qquad v \quad \verb|rdfs:subClassOf| \quad x \quad .}{u \quad \verb|rdfs:subClassOf| \quad x \quad .}\quad \mathrm{rdfs11}\]

\[\frac{u \quad \verb|rdf:type| \quad \verb|rdfs:ContainerMembershipProperty| \quad .}{u \quad \verb|rdfs:subPropertyOf| \quad \verb|rdfs:member| \quad .}\quad \mathrm{rdfs12}\]

\[\frac{u \quad \verb|rdf:type| \quad \verb|rdfs:Datatype| \quad .}{u \quad \verb|rdfs:subClassOf| \quad \verb|rdfs:Literal| \quad .}\quad \mathrm{rdfs13}\]

\[\frac{u \quad a \quad \mathit{\_\!\!:\!\!n} \quad .}{u \quad a \quad l \quad .}\quad \mathrm{gl}\]
where \(\mathit{\_\!\!:\!\!n}\) identifies a blank node introduced by an earlier weakening of the literal \(l\) via the rule \(\mathrm{lg}\)

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