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Simple rules with SROIQ

All SROIQ axioms can be written as SWRL rules:
  • \( C \sqsubseteq D \) is C(x) → D(x) 
  • \( R \sqsubseteq S \) is R(x, y) → S(x, y) 
Some classes can be “dismantled” within rules:
  • Happy \(\sqcap\) Unhappy \(\sqsubseteq\) ⊥     corresponds to
    Happy(x) ∧ Unhappy(x) →
  • ∃placeOfResidence.∃liesIn.EUCountry \(\sqsubseteq\) EUCitizen      corresponds to
    placeOfResidence(x,y) ∧ liesIn(y,z) ∧ EUCountry(z) → EUCitizen(x)
SROIQ-role axioms provide additional rules:
  • hasMother ◦ hasBrother \(\sqsubseteq\) hasUncle 
    corresponds to
    hasMother(x,y) ∧ hasBrother(y,z) → hasUncle(x,z)

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