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Scalability: Reasoning

\(\mathcal{K} = \{ \mathcal{male} \sqsubseteq \mathcal{person}\),
\(\mathcal{Person}(a), \mathcal{Male}(a_1), \mathcal{Male}(a_2)\),
\(\mathcal{hasChild}(a,a_1), \mathcal{hasChild}(a,a_2) \} \)

  • given \(\mathcal{K}\), we want to learn a description of \(\mathcal{OnlyMaleChildren}\)
  • \(C = \mathcal{person} \sqcap \forall \mathcal{hasChild}.\mathcal{male}\) appears to be a good solution, but \(\mathcal{a}\) is not an instance of \(mathcal{C}\) under OWA
  • idea: dematerialise \(K\) using standard (OWA) DL reasoner, but perform instance checks using CWA
  • closer to intuition and provides order of magnitude performance improvements
  • optimised for thousands of instance checks on a static knowledge base

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