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Interlinking Metrics

  • I1: detection of:
    • interlinking degree: how many hubs there are in a network* [26]
    • clustering coefficient: how dense is the network [26]
    • centrality: indicates the likelihood of a node being on the shortest path between two other nodes [26]
    • whether there are open sameAs chains in the network [26]
    • how much value is added to the description of a resource through the use of sameAs edges [26]
  • I2: detection of the existence and usage of external URIs (e.g. using owl:sameAs links) [31,32]
  • I3: detection of all local in-links or back-links: all triples from a dataset that have the resource’s URI as the object [32]

* In [26], a network is described as a set of facts provided by the graph of the Web of Data, excluding blank nodes.

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