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Syntactic validity Metrics

  • SV1: detecting syntax errors using (i) validators [19,31], (ii) via crowdsourcing [1,64]
  • SV2: detecting use of:
    • explicit definition of the allowed values for a certain datatype, (ii) syntactic rules [20], (iii) detecting whether the data conforms to the specific RDF pattern and that the “types” are defined for specific resources [37], (iv) use of different outlier techniques and clustering for detecting wrong values [63]
    • syntactic rules (type of characters allowed and/or the pattern of literal values) [20]
  • SV3: detection of ill-typed literals, which do not abide by the lexical syntax for their respective datatype that can occur if a value is (i) malformed, (ii) is a member of an incompatible datatype [18,31]

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