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JSON-LD Contexts

  • @context is a special keyword to make explicit the semantic context in which some JSON data is communicated.
  • The context includes, e.g., name-to-IRI mappings.
  • The @id keyword assigns IRIs to things.
{ "@context":
  { "name": "",
    "born": { "@id": "",
              "@type": "" },
    "spouse": { "@id": "",
                "@type": "@id" } }
  "@id": "",
  "name": "John Lennon",
  "born": "1940-10-09",
  "spouse": "" }
  • Note that the remaining JSON remained unchanged.
  • It is possible to centralise context definitions in external locations and point to them:
{ "@context": "",
  "@id": "",
  "name": "John Lennon", ... }

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