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Language definitions

Language information influences only untyped literals

<rdf:Description rdf:about="">
   <rdfs:label xml:lang="de">Leipzig</rdfs:label>
   <rdfs:label xml:lang="ru">Лейпциг</rdfs:label>
@prefix rdfs: <> .   rdfs:label     "Leipzig"@de ,
                                      rdfs:label     "Лейпциг"@ru .
According to the RDF 1.1 specification the 2nd literal has a type different from the 1st and 3rd one (but often similiarly implemented)! The 1st and 3rd are the same (difference from RDF 1.0).
@prefix xsd: <> .
@prefix rdfs: <> .
@prefix dbr: <> .
dbr:Leipzig    rdfs:label     "Leipzig" ,
                              "Leipzig"@de ,
                              "Leipzig"^^xsd:string .

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