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With the class rdf:Statement RDF Schema gives the possibility of reification . It has the following Properties

  • rdf:subject defining an rdfs:Resource which is the subject of the statement
  • rdf:predicate defining an rdf:Property which is the predicate of the statement
  • rdf:object defining an rdf:Resource which is the object of the statement

Using Reification we can see an RDF triple as a Resource and formulate facts about it. (e.g. that the theory hasn't been proved)

ex:Detective  ex:supposes    _:theory .
_:theory      rdf:type       rdf:Statement .
_:theory      rdf:subject    ex:Butler .
_:theory      rdf:predicate  ex:hasKilled .
_:theory      rdf:object     ex:Gardener .
_:theory      ex:hasState    "unproved" .

Note that the following statement is not a logical consequence of this:

ex:Butler   ex:killed   ex:Gardener .

If the RDF(S) specification said that it is a logical consequence, this wouldn't make sense – it would prevent us from being able to talk about unproved or wrong statements.

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