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Problem Definition

Ontology-based Representation of Learner Profiles for Accessible OpenCourseWare Systems

Speaker notes:

Open Educational Resources (OER) are openly licensed and freely accessible learning materials that can be used in e-learning contexts and beyond. Often, OER are published on the Web in the form of OpenCourseWare (OCW) organized in courses and complemented by tools for collaboration and evaluation. OCW systems thus provide means for distributing free educational content to awide range of learners over the Web. These learners include people with disabilities who have diverse needs, in terms of the type and severity of their disabilities, which must be addressed by OCW systems that aim to be inclusive. 

Designing one system that meets the needs of all learners is usually not possible, as learners (disabled) have different needs and preferences. Even users with same disability have different preferences. For example, one blind user might want to use a screen reader, while another blind user might prefer a braille display or both might want to use the same device but with different configurations (e.g., different text reading speeds).

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