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Learner Profile

PREFIX acc: <http://www.Acces[...]>.
PREFIX acc_ocw: <>.
SELECT ?impairment ?disability ?device ?ims_AT
?impairment a acc:Impairment. ?disability acc:Disability_belongsTo_Impairment ?impairment.
OPTIONAL {?device acc:Device_belongsTo_Disability ?disability}.
OPTIONAL {?disability acc:Disability_has_Device ?device}. OPTIONAL {?ims_AT a acc_ocw:isAtInteroperable}.
Ontology-based Representation of Learner Profiles for Accessible OpenCourseWare Systems

Speaker notes:

This is the interface of the learner profile . This is a sample of a SPARQL query which feeds the Impairment/Disability/Assistive Technology dropdowns

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