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AccessibleOCW Ontology

Extend ACCESSIBLE ontology with the IMS Access for All (AFA) concepts
Ontology-based Representation of Learner Profiles for Accessible OpenCourseWare Systems

Speaker notes:

The ontology is available on VoCol and GitHub.  I will use VOWL link to visualize and explain the ontology main concepts.

We have two main Classes:

1. Learner (which extends the User class of the ACCESSIBLE ontology in addition to the IMS AfA PNP properties) . The Learner class is defined by a number of properties: hasRequiredAccessMode is the access mode required by a learner; here, the learners define their preference for the resource representation. For instance, a learner may define that if the resource is a visual one, she would prefer a textual representation. 

2. DigitalResource  defines the properties of an individual educational resource. The properties are designed based on the IMS DRD specification. They describe the resource access mode (e.g., visual, auditory) and define if a resource has adapted versions (e.g., if there is an alternative transcript file to an auditory file). 

The Learner class is linked with the DigitalResource class through an hasAccess relation, which is used to filter the accessible educational resources according to the user-defined disabilities and preferences

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