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Digital Resource Example

:digitalResource1 rdf:type owl:NamedIndividual ,
    :DigitalResource ;
  :hasAccessMode :visual ;
  :hasControlFlexibility :fullKeyboardControl ;
  :hasDisplayTransformability :backgroundColour;
    :enriched ;
  :hashazard :flashing ;
  :isAtInteroperable_dr "true"ˆˆxsd:boolean ;
  :hasAdaptation "digitalResource2_URI"ˆˆxsd:anyURI ,
    "digitalResource3_URI"ˆˆxsd:anyURI .
Ontology-based Representation of Learner Profiles for Accessible OpenCourseWare Systems

Speaker notes:

 The source file digitalResource1 is a video with a visual access mode property. This digital resource is available in two alternative forms (in the paper) for better accessibility: digitalResource2 is a textual resource that can be tactually accessed, and digitalResource3 is an auditory resource with full keyboard control. 

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