Discover SlideWiki

The goal of SlideWiki is to revolutionise how educational materials can be authored, shared and reused. By enabling authors and students to create and share slide decks as HTML in an open platform, communities around the world can benefit from materials created by world-leading educators on a wide range of topics.

Create online slide decks

screenshot of slide editor interface.

Create a new deck or import existing slides from PowerPoint (*.pptx) or OpenDocument Presentation (*.odp) files. Your imported slides will be converted into HTML to allow you to continue to edit and add new content.

The SlideWiki editor offers many formatting tools, including being able to add images, videos, equations and code snippet.

Reusable educational content

SlideWiki is built on the Open Educational Resources (OER) ethos and all content is published under Creative Commons licences. This means you can reuse and repurpose content from SlideWiki decks. SlideWiki allows you to create your own slides based on decks that have been published on SlideWiki by:

Creating a copy of a deck
Use the Fork feature to create your own copy of an existing deck.
Appending slides and decks to your deck
Add slides from other decks using the Append feature. Or Append a deck to embed a set of slides as a sub-deck.
Translating a deck (coming soon)
Localise slides and decks by translating it into another language.

Collaborative content authoring

SlideWiki allows authors and students to collaborate. Through managing editing rights, you can enable colleagues to edit and add to your decks.Comments and Questions (coming soon) allow students and readers to interact with your decks.

Collaborate to improve your decks
Use Groups to allow colleagues, peers and associates collaborate with editing and enhancing your deck.
Review and revert changes within slides and decks
A sophisticated revisioning model enables you and your co-editors to review and revert changes to slides and decks.
Like decks and slides
Encourage authors and students to see new content by liking useful decks and slides.
Slideshow mode
Use the Slideshow mode to view a deck as a slideshow. Includes a timer and speaker notes view.

Supporting Knowledge Communities

Through a range of interactive and open tools, SlideWiki aims to nurture knowledge communities around the world. Our goal is to significantly increase content available to a world-wide audience. By involve peer-educators in improving and maintaining the quality and attractiveness of your e-learning content SlideWiki can give you a platform to support knowledge communities. With SlideWiki we aim to dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the collaborative creation of rich learning material for online and offline use.

Share decks via social media or email.
Add Comments to decks and slides to interact with other learners.
Download decks in PDF, ePub or SCORM format.
To find out more about how to use SlideWiki and its many features, view our help file deck.