COMP6219 Report Summary Presentation

  • In this short presentation, we summerize the report findings.
    • Evaluating apps for usability and accessibility
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  • Find a PDF copy of the transcript by clicking on 'Download transcript'. 
  • Proceed to the next slide matching audio with speaker notes. 

Presentation Compatibility

  • Tested and compatible with: 
    • Mozilla Firefox  (Mac, Windows, Linux)
    • Google Chrome (Mac, Windows, Linux)
    • Safari (Mac only)
    • Microsoft Edge (Windows only)
  • Tested and compatible with
    • Internet Explorer 9+ (Windows only)
  • Tested with BrowserStack:

Presentation Accessibility

  • Made accessible according to W3C Web Accessibility Guidelines for Presentations
  • Audio Speech:
    • Clear
    • Simple language
    • Audible sound
    • Covers all displayed text
    • Describe visual information
  • Visual presentation:
    • Text and important visuals big enough
    • Easy to read font face
    • Good color contrast
    • Alt description on images

Reddit (Usability and Accessibility)

  • Main usability accessibility issues:
    • Captcha on login page
    • Inappropriate alt tags 
    • Incomprehensible wording
    • No user control 
    • Inconsistencies with headers
    • Very low contrast 
    • Inaccessible text editor 

Reddit (Misleading Advertising)

  • Example of misleading advertising on Reddit:
Screenshot of Reddit’s main page showing a misleading advertisement.

Steam (Usability and Accessibility)

  • Main Usability and Accessibility issues:
    • No captions for videos 
    • Missing Alt Tags
    • Low contrast colors 
    • Lack of user feedback
    • No error correction
    • Poor website navigation
    • Inconsistent template layout

Steam (Internet Explorer)

  • Not compatible with Internet Explorer 8:
A screenshot of Steam on Internet Explorer 8, the website is not compatible with Internet Explorer 8.

Norton Internet Security

  • Usability and Accessibility issues: 
    • No color or font settings found
    • Lack of keyboard functions documentation
    • No ASCII file format
    • No training for people with disabilities
    • Communication via graphs and icons only
    • Recovering from user decisions not easy
    • Company-made controls

Norton Internet Security

  • Communicates information with graphs only sometimes:
    • Trust of a program in colored icons
    • No alternative text!
A screenshot of Norton Internet Security’s Program Control interface.

VLC Media Player

  • No support for QT accessibility API
  • Full-screen mode not proper
  • No clear labels
  • Documentation not available offline
  • Tabbing does not work
  • No training offered for people with disabilities
  • Misleading search functionality

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