• Deck: a collection of slides used for presentations, sharing and collaboration.

  • The name of Deck is displayed at the top of  Deck Tree.

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Deck tree root

Deck Tree

The Decks and Slides structure on SlideWiki are listed in the Deck Tree.

Here you can also:

  • select the language of the deck or add a new language
  • start the presentation
  • copy the deck
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Deck tree


Sub-decks can be used to group slides within a deck.

  • These are indicated as yellow folders within the
    deck tree.

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Sub decks

Slow Performance
& Grouping Large Decks

  • Note: including too many slides or sub-decks in one deck can lead to slow performance.

  • Playlists should be used to group large decks.

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Slow turtle.


  • Slides: may contain text, images or videos.

  • Each slide is indicated as a document within the deck tree.

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Slide icons

Show Thumbnails

  • Deck and Sub-deck views: These remain as yellow folders with a title when you select the Show Thumbnails control at the bottom of the deck tree.

  • Your slides become images which can be very helpful when checking content.

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Show thumbnails

Roles in SlideWiki

  • Creator / owner: the user who created the deck or slide.

  • Contributor: a user who can edit a deck or slide

  • Group: users that have permission to edit a deck or playlist. Group admins can add/remove members of a group.

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Create or Import a Deck

  • Create a new deck
    in SlideWiki.

  • Import from PowerPoint (*.pptx) or OpenDocument Presentation (*.odp) or from an exported deck.

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PowerPoint Logo
Open office logo

Copy or Add a Deck

  • Copy or fork someone else's deck.

  • Append or add a deck to another deck.

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Fork or copy icon

Creating a New Deck

  • Select Add Deck at the top right of your screen.

  • Then fill in the form as required.

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Add deck
Filling form

Accessing Decks or Playlists

  • Accessing your My DecksShared Decks, Recommended Decks or Playlists can be done by selecting your personal profile dropdown menu.

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Personal profile drop down menu

Selecting My Decks

  • Then select your Decks. This will take you to another page where you can select further options.

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Selecting decks

View or Open Decks

  • View decks, open one deck
    or a presentation as a slide show from your
    My Decks.

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Selecting my decks.

Other Types of Decks

  • You can also open decks from Shared Decks,
    Recommended Decks
    or Playlists.

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Shared decks

Deck Title Text Link

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  • You are taken to the Deck Landing Page when you select the Deck title text in for example Shared Decks.

Deck title text

Opening the Deck

  • By selecting the yellow folder in the thumbnail this will open the deck.

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Open deck

Starting the Slideshow

  • By selecting the play button in the thumbnail this will start the deck slideshow in a new browser window.

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Start slideshow

Title and Langauge

  • The Title and Language of your deck are required fields.

  • Once the deck language is set this cannot be changed but you can add additional languages.


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Required fields

Deck Theme

  • You can also choose the deck theme when in the form.


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Deck theme

Deck Description

  • You can provide a Desciption for the Deck.


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Description example

Deck Education Level

  • You can also specify the Education Level, for example Bachelor's/


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Education level

Choosing Subject

  • You can choose a Subject by entering a term, for example 'Physical'. 

  • When you select 'Physical Sciences' this becomes a tag.


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Choose subject
Physical sciences tag

Available Subject Tags

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UNESCO Tags: A to B

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  • Architecture and building

  • Agriculture, forestry and fishery

  • Arts

  • Basic Programmes

  • Business and Administration


UNESCO Tags: C to H

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  • Computing

  • Engineering & engineering trades

  • Environmental protection

  • Health

  • Humanities


UNESCO Tags: J to L

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  • Journalism and information

  • Law

  • Life sciences

  • Literacy and numeracy


UNESCO Tags: M to P

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  • Manufacturing and processing

  • Mathematics and statistics

  • Not known or unspecified

  • Personal development

  • Personal services

  • Physical sciences


UNESCO Tags: S to V

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  • Social & behavioural science

  • Social services

  • Teacher training & education science

  • Transport services

  • Security services

  • Veterinary


Specifying Tags

  • The same process can be used for specifying Tags.

  • For example, entering the term 'Data' to find the Tag 'Data Science'.

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Choose data science
Data science tag

Agree Terms and Requirements

  • Agree terms and Creative Commons requirements by checking the tick boxes.

  • Then select
    Create Deck.

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Check terms and requirements and then create deck

Checking for Copyright

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  • It is important to check for copyright when using images or videos and or uploading presentations before publication.

Copyright logo
Creative commons logo

Supported Files

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SlideWiki allows you to upload existing presentations and supports:

  • Powerpoint (.pptx)

  • Open Office (.odp)

  • Export SlideWiki Deck (.zip)

Powerpoint logo
Open office logo

Select File

  • Fill out the form, the terms and license are required fields.

  • To upload a file use the Select File button.

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Add deck
Select file
  • Select Add Deck

Create Deck

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  • Agree to the terms and license by checking the tick boxes.

  • Then select
    Create Deck.

Agree Terms and License

Uploading a File

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  • Please wait as the file uploads.This may take time if there are many slides and large images.

Uploading selected file

Complete Import

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  • The upload completes
    with a green bar and then
    a Deck created! dialogue box appears.

  • A slide preview is provided.

  • Then select
    Complete Import.

Presentation upload preview

Check and Speakers Notes

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  • Check and adapt the output in SlideWiki.

  • Speaker Notes, tags and accessibility attributes for images should be saved by SlideWiki.

Speakers notes

Deck View

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  • When you create a new deck, you will be taken to the Deck View.

Deck view

Choose Deck Themes

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  • Choose a theme
    for a deck when you upload your PowerPoint (.pptx file) or Open Office (.odp) presentation files.

Deck theme

Theme Preview

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  • If you select a theme within the form you will see a preview of the upload in that theme, for example in Dark Slate Blue.

Uploaded presentation thumbnail preview of the dark slate blue theme

Breadcrumb Trail & Deck Theme

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  • You will also have a chance to choose the deck theme (1) by going back to the initial deck link at the beginning of the
    breadcrumb trail (2).

Choose deck theme from breadcrumb trail



Edit Tab

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  • Then select the Edit tab. This will take you to further options.

Breadcrumb trail edit

Deck Edit Properties

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  • This will take you to the Deck Edit Properties.

The deck edit properties.

Publishing a Deck

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  • Selecting the Published button makes the deck visible to public users on SlideWiki.

  • Unlisted decks can not be copied and will not show up in search results or listings.

Published button

Published Deck

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  • When a Deck is Published this is indicated by a green tag next to the Deck title.

Published deck

Unlisted Deck

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  • When a Deck is Unlisted this is indicated by a red tag next to the Deck title.

Unlisted deck

Restrictions on Unlisted Decks

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  • Unlisted decks do not appear
    in searches and cannot
    be forked.

  • When a Deck is Forked this is the term used on SlideWiki for copying the Deck.

  • Use "Unlisted" when Decks are still being drafted.

Forked deck icon
Warning sign

Deck Landing Page

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  • This is the Deck Landing Page.

Deck landing page

View Deck Stats

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  • On the Deck Landing Page
    there is the option to view Deck Stats.

  • You can view timeline and user activity and then return to the Deck Info.

Deck stats
Return to deck info button

Available Languages

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  • On the Deck Landing Page
    there is also the option to change the langauge of the deck if this is available.

  • See also our Translation Guide.

Deck landing page language option

Guest Language Settings

  • SlideWiki allows guest users who are not signed in to change the language of the page.

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Language option not signed in