Editing Online

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  • It is easy to forget when you go into Slide Edit Mode that you are not working off line.

  • Save often and avoid the back button.

Save icon.

No Response, Save Again

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  • Pause if you feel the action you have taken gets no response.

  • If something does not work, don't give up - Save again and try once more.


PowerPoint & SlideWiki Slides

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  • Don't be surprised if your PowerPoint Slides look slightly different when compared to native
    SlideWiki ones.

  • They may have different fonts, spacing etc. Use the toolbar to make corrections.

PowerPoint Logo
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Left Edit Menu

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  • Use the left hand menu bar for adding text boxes, images, free drawingvideos and embedding items by selecting Add other.

Adding features from the left hand menu including add other

Tables, Maths Equations & Code

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  • When embedding you can add items such as Tables and Symbols for example those used for Maths equations or code content.

  • You can select back to return to the main left menu.

Adding tables or maths content

& Slide Properties

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  • Use the Template to change
    the layout of content on a deck and Properties to change the slide name and slide size.

Selecting template or properties

HTML editor, Other Menu

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  • Use the HTML editor within Add Other for coding and help with keyboard only access.

  • You can select back to return to the main left menu.

Selecting the HTML editor

Text Editing

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  • You will see an Edit toolbar to the left which works in a similar way to any word processor toolbar.

Using the edit toolbar in the left menu

To format your content select the relevant icons in the toolbar. (Alt + F10 - tab and arrow keys to move along the toolbar).

Text Styles,
Symbols ...

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  • It is possible to apply text styles, headings, add symbols, number and bullet lists, indents and block quotes and Justification for positioning text.

Edit toolbar features

Text Colour, Background Colour, Hyperlinks

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  • The Edit Toolbar has the font changes previously mentioned plus text colour and background colour changes.

  • You can also add Hyperlinks,
    Font typesize and line spacing.

Using other features such as hyperlinks from the left hand menu

Titles, Heading 3
& Adding Headings

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  • Titles on slides should be styled as Heading 3 so start on the next number if you are adding other headings in a Slide.

Heading three and adding further headings

Text Edit Toolbar

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  • By hovering over each tool feature a tool tip appaears.This includes the name of the feature and keyboard combination. E.g. Bold uses Ctrl (Cmd) + B.

  • Screen reader users can move focus to hear tool tips.

  • There is also a help button on the main edit menu listing schortcut keys.

Hovering over feature reveals tool name and keyboard combination

Cut, Copy & Paste

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  • Cut, copy and paste can use keyboard Ctrl (Cmd) plus X,C,V.

  • Or you can use the Toolbar when you select text.

  • All these changes can be undone with the backwards arrow.

Using cut, copy, paste and undo

The First Slide

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  • This will appear automatically with a Title field and two bullet points in another text box.

  • Both areas are there for you to edit. You can select the text and start writing your own content.

Title and bullet text for your first slide


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  • Once you have some content you may decide you want to change the look and layout of your Slide.

  • You can do this by choosing a Template from the left hand menu.

Adding a new template from the side edit menu

Choose a Template

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  • Once you have selected the Template menu item on the left hand side of the SlideWiki window.

  • You will be able to scroll down / tab down the list of sample templates.

Choosing a template

Keep or Delete Exisiting Content

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  • Select one template and a dialogue box will appear offering you a choice to Keep existing content and add template or Delete existing content and add template.

Applying a template dialogue box

Keeping Existing Content

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  • Please note if you keep existing content you will still see the Template text input boxes with their title, subtitle and content labels etc. 

  • Save the result.

  • You can then use the Properties tool to alter slide dimensions.

Selecting properties

Adding Hyperlinks

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  • The Hyperlink feature allows you to link to another deck or slide or out of SlideWiki to another website.

  • The icon looks like a linked chain.

Selecting hyperlinks

Hyperlink Dialogue Box

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  • Highlight the text you wish to use as a link, select the hyperlink iconadd the URL or other information, then select OK.

  • The text will appear blue or be read aloud as a link, if successful.

Links dialogue box filled out

Making Sense

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  • Please: make sure the link makes sense when it is read out in isolation.

  • This will help a screen reader user - telling them where you are taking them or the title of a document etc.

Sample link

I need to learn more about the Open Source Initiative.


Sample Link box

Add a Text Box,
Move & Resize

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  • Add additional text boxes by selecting the item from the left edit menu.

Adding a text box from the left edit menu

New Content & Delete

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  • The text box will appear with 'New content' already written. 

  • Delete this and write your own content.

New content in a text box

Moving the Text Box

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  • Move the box by hovering over it, hold down the left hand mouse button
    (a pointed finger appears).

  • Move the box within
    the slide outline.

Text box outline

Hamburger Menu Features

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  • Select the box menu (blue square with hamburger menu) to decide about other editing features such as position, duplication or delete

Text box hamburger menu options

Resizing a Text Box

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  • Move the mouse pointer to the edge of the box (blue line) to resize when the cursor changes to a line with 2 arrow heads (⟷). 

Resizing a text box

Add images, Move & Resize

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  • Add an image by using the left edit menu.

  • Moving and resizing is the same as using a text box.

  • You can also copy and paste an image
    anywhere in an edit box.

Adding an image from the left edit menu

Choose File & Next

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  • Select Choose File in the dialogue box that appears and navigate to the image you want to upload.

  • Then select Next

Choosing a file
Selecting next

Image Properties

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  • Do remember to use the image properties (right hand mouse) to add the alternative text and check copyright

Checking description or alt text and license

Copyright Free

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  • The file that you upload must be copyright free, or one you have made or have
    permissions to use

Checking that image is copyright free

Description, Alt-Text & Upload

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  • Add the Description or alternative text
     to explain the image in its context.

  • Then Upload the image. 

Writing the alt text or description
Selecting the upload button

Slide Edit Context Menu

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  • In Edit mode you will notice a small blue box in the top lefthand corner of each the text or image edit boxes.

  • It has a hamburger type icon.

Edit mode hamburger menu

Bring to Front & Other Options

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  • Select this menu to show a drop down list of actions.

Selecting bring to front
  • You can bring the box to the front or send it back, duplicate the box or delete it.

  • Short cut keys are supplied.


Slide wiki logo
  • Bring the box forward if there is an overlap and you want to move it.

Overlapping Text Box

Duplicated text box brought to front

Highlighting Text, Copy & Paste

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  • Highlight any text that you want to copy into the Slide using the keystrokes Ctrl (Cmd) + C and then place the cursor where you want to paste it in a new position using the keystrokes Ctrl (Cmd) + V

Highlighting text to copy and paste

Left Edit Menu Cut,
Copy & Paste

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  • A message will appear if you
    try to use your mouse and right hand button warning you that this action will not work.

  • Cut, copypaste and Undo features are also provided in the left edit menu.

Cut, copy, paste and undo in the left edit menu

Add Video & Audio Files

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  • You can add videos from YouTube or Vimeo by embedding the code or copying the share URL.

  • Use a similar audio service to add code to embed an audio file.

You tube logo
Sharing a you tube url to SlideWiki
Copying you tube embed link

Captions and Transcripts

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  • Please make sure there are captions and/or a transcripts available.

Opening transcripts in you tube
Selecting suntitles and closed captions in you tube

Add Other Elements

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  • When selecting
    Add Other further options become available.

Selecting add other elements left edit menu feature

Add Other Elements

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  • Once Add Other is selected you can embed code.

Selecting maths from the left edit menu
Mathematics in Tex dialogue window
  • This can be from other places, add tables, symbols for science and code snippets.


Add Code: Separate Edit Box

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  • The embed code will allow you to add videos and audio, the code snippet does not allow this action, but does allow for a separate edit box of different types of computer code.

Code snippet

Speaker Notes

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  • Add speaker notes to the area below each slide when in edit mode.

  • These notes can explain content.

Speakers notes example

Speaker Notes
Editing Text & Images

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  • In the top right corner basic text and image editing tools are provided.

Speakers notes basic text and image editing tools