Getting Started

  • Introduction

  • Registration and Sign In

  • Settings and Accounts

  • Groups, Notifications
    and User Stats

  • Search Features

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SlideWiki offers
Open Educational Resources (OER)
as content is published under Creative Commons licenses.

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Open education resource
Creative Commons BY SA

Create and Add

Content can be published on SlideWiki by:

  • Creating, uploading and copying decks that can contain any number of slides.

  • Appending or adding slides and decks to other decks with the ability to repurpose, revert and review slides.

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Share and Translate 

Content can also be published on SlideWiki by:

  • Sharing and collaborating decks with colleagues and students allowing for questioning, commenting, searching and tagging.

  • Translating and downloading decks - localise slides and decks by translating them into other languages. Download decks in PDF, ePub or SCORM format.

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Link to Translation Guide 

  • Please refer to our Translation Guide
    if you need to localise
    a deck or slide by translating it into your own langauge.

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Translation globe of flags.
Translate icon.


If you do not have an account Sign Up by selecting the text below the form and fill in the registration or use a social media provider.

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Sign up here

Sign Up Confirmation

  • Select the fact you are not
    a robot.

  • If required, select the appropriate images and verify your answers. You can try several times.

  • You will then receive an email to verify your account.


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Select images

Sign Up Confirmation (Audio)

If you are a screen reader user you may wish to use the Audio reCAPTCHA.

You can navigate to this by using your TAB key on your keyboard or by using
a swipe gesture on your mobile device.

You will then receive an email in order to verify your account.

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Sign In

  • Once successfully verified you will automatically return to the Sign In page and be able to use the account once you have received an activation email.

  • Next time select the Sign In button and fill in the form or use your social media accounts.

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Sign in icon

Personal Profile

  • You will need to select your Personal Profile drop down menu in order to select settings.

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Personal profile drop down menu

Personal Settings

  • Select Settings
    in order to change or add to your user information.

  • In Settings you will also find options to upload or change your profile image.

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Settings menu

Profile Tab

  • The profile tab under personal settings is selected by default.

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Profile settings

Upload Profile Image

  • You can upload a new profile image, use the default gravatar image or remove an image.

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Upload new image

Personal Data

  • You can also alter your personal data.

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Alter my personal data

User Interface Language

  • Within your personal data settings
    is the option to change the
    User Interface Language.

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User interface language

Submit Changes

  • After altering your personal data and/or changing your profile image select Submit Changes.

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Submit changes

Account Settings

  • Select the Account tab under personal settings. 

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Account settings tab
  • This will allow
    you to change your password
    or deactivate your account.

Change Password

  • To change your password type in the old password, create a new password then retype
    your password.

  • Then select Submit Password.

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Submit password

Deactivate Account

  • To deactivate your account select
    Deactivate my account. This can be
    recovered by an administrator. 

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Deactivate account

Account Language

  • Within your personal settings there is the option to change your accounts language.

  • This is referred to as your User Interface Language

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User interface language

Authorized Accounts

  • Select Authorized Accounts under personal settings.

  • You will need to allow social media providers to have access to your account.

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Authorized accounts

Login Provider

  • Choose which social media provider
    you want to use. 

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Login provider


  • SlideWiki enables you to create user groups that are given rights to view and/or edit your slides.

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Group of hands placed on top of each other.

Personal Profile

  • To access your Groups go to your personal profile dropdown menu.

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Personal profile drop down menu

Create New Group

  • Then select the Create new group button.

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Create new group

Adding Members

  • Create Groups by choosing a name (1) and adding members who have already signed up to SlideWiki.

  • Names may appear as you start typing in the form (2).

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Group name and add user



Add Admin Role

  • When you give Admin rights members will be able to add and remove members from the group.

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Add admin role

Group Admin and Members

  • Group administrators can see stats, add other administrators and members.

  • Group members can see other members and add playlists.

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Group administrators

Saving the Group

  • Save the group and you will have access to it when you make new decks.

  • You can also delete the group if required.

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Save group button

Personal Profile

  • You can access notifications by going to your personal profile dropdown menu.

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Personal profile drop down menu


  • Then select Notifications on the drop down menu.

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Notifications drop down menu

Set Activity

  • Here you will see notifications of activities on your own decks or those you have subscribed to



  • You can filter (1) the types of activity displayed in notifications.

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Notifications activity selection


Subscribed Notifications

  • You can subscribe to receive notifications on any deck or playlist.

  • Manage your subscriptions using the notifications settings.

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Notifications subscription

Delete All Notifications

  • You can delete all notifications.

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Delete all notifications

Delete a Single Notification

  • You can also delete a single notification.

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Delete a single notification

User Stats

  • Select User Stats under
    personal settings.

  • This provides an interactive
    activity timeline, popular
    and a user engagement overview.

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User stats

Activity Timeline

  • The Activity Timeline is interactive and you can select required information.

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Interactive activity timeline

Timeline Views

  • Within the Activity Timeline you can select whether it shows the number of Edits, Likes
    and Views.

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Views edits likes

Activity Periods

  • Within the Activity Timeline you can also select what time period you wish to view from the Last 7 days to the
    Last 2 years.

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Time period

Popular Tags

  • The Popular Tags update according
    to which options are selected on the
    Activity Timeline.

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Popular tags update

Search Box

  • Use the home page search box.

  • It will send you to a page with the results and optional filters.

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Search box

Refine Search

You can refine your search by selecting:

  • All content

  • Title

  • Description or

  • Content


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Refine search by description

Advanced Options

  • Advanced Options are also available that allow you to combine search filters.

  • These features help you to refine your search further.


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Advanced options

Language and Owners

  • For example, you might want to search by Language and Owners.


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Advanced options example

Submit Search

  • Once you have selected the Advanced Options you require then select the Submit button.


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Submit button

Search Filters

  • Use the search Filters to find decks, for example by languages.

  • Once selected the filter will alter results based on that filter.


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Search filters

Search Relevance

  • You can sort search results by Relevance or by Last updated.


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Sort by relevance