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WP 11: About

Main objectives: Ensurement of the sustainability and exploitation of the project results beyond the funding period in order to be a long-lasting open-standard based incubator for collaborative creation of OpenCourseWare in Europe.
 -> therefore two strategies were pursued: 
1. Formation of a non-profit foundation with institutional, supporting and individual members
2. Definition of a support pledge programme 

WP 11: Procedure

Almost every partner of the project were involved in this working package with the result that the recently founded SlideWiki foundation, hostet at InfAI, Germany, consists of all project partners.
In the first two years we were working on the exploitation strategy (D11.1) and the sustainability plans (D11.2).
In the last year InfAI developed the charter for the SlideWiki Foundation, which is aligned with german rules for foundations.
Detailed descriptions about the charter content can be viewed in D11.3 or on the foundation website

T 11.1: Exploitation of Project Results

In the last three years the technical solutions for real world problems of OER communities and open educational content providers were implemented and published
These will be used for even more grow of SlideWiki platform users and the partner network, especially with the already great list of partners of the foundation
The charter with its long-term program, pledge program and individual instance adaptations/support plans plus the good reputation of SlideWiki will attract many big new partners and organizations.

T 11.2: Sustainability Strategy

In order to sustain the operations of SlideWiki after the project’s end, we have set up a non-profit Foundation (the SlideWiki Foundation) that will autonomously ensure the existence of SlideWiki and sustain its operations.
Revenue streams:
  • member fees
  • donations
  • participation in research and innovation projects (InclusiveOCW, Tech4Comp)
Further revenue streams are in preparation
respective services and activities will be offered / started in the near future:
  • commercial software licensing fees, support and maintenance
  • organizational support pledges, commercial SlideWiki training for enterprises

T 11.2: Sustainability Strategy

The technical sustainability is also given.

For the year 2019:
  • Atlassian products (Jira, Confluence)
  • InfAI will migrate the technical project organization to GitHub (project management; source code management; knowledge management,a representation platform)
  • foundation website (InfAI)
  • platform website (TiB)

D 11.3 SlideWiki Foundation



D 11.3 SlideWiki Foundation

SlideWiki Software project ( SlideWiki Service (   SlideWiki Foundation (

- SlideWiki Open Source Software project
- Every developer can contribute to the software, especially the partners from the EU project.

- Hosted by the TIB as a partner
- Deployment of the software as a web service that is accessible for everyone on the web        

- Consortium that makes strategic and operational decisions for the further development of software and services
-Hosted by InfAI e.V. (Goerdelerring 9, 04109 Leipzig;

The foundation aspires to support the SlideWiki project realise its aims and objectives more effectively as well as retain and further develop the visions of the SlideWiki project at an international level and beyond the project’s duration. Therefore it will execute following actions:
  • Support the maintenance of SlideWiki resources with own staff and resources.
  • Support the maintenance of SlideWiki resources of the community. 
  • Serve as a contact point and establish co-operations with other like-minded projects
  • Acquire and manage funds for the SlideWiki Community.
  • Support and manage the organisation of SlideWiki Community meetings.
  • Provide education and training on SlideWiki.
  • Uphold a free, public data infrastructure for the public to exploit this wealth of data.
  • Mediate commercial services of associated partners.

D11.3 SlideWiki Foundation


D 11.3 SlideWiki Foundation

The overarching goals are:
  • extend and mature the collaborative open courseware authoring platform SlideWiki in particular in the areas scalability, usability, accessibility, learning analytics and multi-platform delivery
  • integrate the platform with additional tools and services in particular with existing Learning management systems, MOOC delivery platforms and social networks
  • thoroughly validate and test the collaborative open courseware authoring platform in large-scale, real world usage scenarios in four complementary domains
  • create a critical mass of content, users, awareness and supporting organizations to transform SlideWiki into a sustainable OpenCourseWare content creation ecosystem 

D 11.3 SlideWiki Foundation: Initial Members


External Subcontracted and Associated Partners


D 11.3 SlideWiki Foundation: Organisational Structure

Roles in the Board of Trustees:
  - Chair / Vice Chair,
  - Treasurer and Secretary
  - Chair InfAI (Michael Martin)
  - Vice Chair: TIB/LUH (Sören Auer)
  - Treasurer: TIB/LUH (Alexandra       
     Garatzogianni )

D 11.3 SlideWiki Foundation: Organisational Structure

- Association Executives
  - Executive Director and
  - The Technical Director
  - Executive Team
- Executive Director: IAIS (Benjamin Wulff)
- Technical Director: Klaas Andries de
- Organisational Development: InfAI (Julia
- Public Relations (TIB/LUH): Alexandra

D 11.3 SlideWiki Foundation: Organisational Structure

Advisory Committee
  - each membership organisation
    needs a representative
Community Committee
  - part of the developers
Working groups / Incubator Groups
:: Annual Meetings
  - Strategic decisions and elections

D 11.3 SlideWiki Foundation: Organisational Structure

Members who can not attend are able to vote in the week before the meeting.
At the annual meeting, the following reports must be presented, either in written or oral form:
  • Approved Financial Report (Treasurer)
  • Progress of Working Groups (Technical Director)
  • State of the Foundation Address (Executive Director)
  • Strategic direction of the SlideWiki Foundation (Chair of the Board of Trustees)
  • The location of the meeting and the exact dates will annually defined and announced via the mailing list or possibly other upcoming channels

D 11.3 SlideWiki Foundation: Community Strategy

  • Project Updates: Each year the charter of the SlideWiki Foundation will be updated to reflect organisational changes, i.e. change in personnel, contact addresses, updates to the appendix. All changes are presented to the Board of Trustees for approval. Any Board member can further request changes to the charter, which will be altered if so voted for by at least 75% of the Board of Trustees.
  • Software Updates: Significant software changes will be released at least once a year. Every Member will receive an Announcement containing details about the renewals

D 11.3 SlideWiki Foundation: Membership Application

  • The SlideWiki Foundation accepts membership applications from organizations and individuals.
  • Apply for membership: application form received by the SlideWiki Executive Team for decision.
  • Data needed - requesting basic information such as:
    • name of organisation,
    • contact person, address, email, and
    • desired membership type (organisations with less then 50 members, between 50 and 250, more then 250 and donator)

D 11.3 SlideWiki Foundation: Membership Benefits and Fees

  • Members are allowed to fill positions, participate in voting and decision-making processes.
  • Each member organisation has to provide and maintain their metadata (name, organisational form, address, participating employees, AC representative) and keep it up-to-date.
  • Members have access to the services and resources of the SlideWiki Foundation and can receive support when using or extending the infrastructure of the foundation.
  • Annual membership fees are indicated in the table below. (fees are due on the 1st of March)
company / organisations with less than 50 employees (small)
company / organisations with 50 to 250 employees (medium) 
company / organisations with more than 250 employees (large)

D 11.3 SlideWiki Foundation: Homepage

  • The official website of the SlideWiki Foundation will be accessible via the following link:
  • The website was created based on the Wordpress CMS (Content Management System). 
  •  It informs about the SlideWiki Foundation, its objectives, the project consortium and events organized by the consortium, among others. It will be gradually be enriched with additional contents, material, and announcements in the process.

D 11.3 SlideWiki Foundation: Homepage

General Structure of the Website:
Following Areas will be included after content is available: News, Downloads, Blog