• SlideWiki allows to attach multiple-choice questions to each individual slide
    • if slides are copied or reused, so are the questions attached to them
  • For each presentation the learner can start a self-assessment test, which launches a multiple-choice test composed of all or a selection of questions attached to slides of the presentation 
  • Such questionnaires are structured according to the structure of the presentation, which allows to apply module-based score systems without additional teacher's work.
  • SlideWiki allows to score the results with 5 different algorithms, including a novel one.

Easy Question

SlideWiki supports the assisted creation of questions.

The respective tool "Easy Question" can be found in the editor menu.

The process includes these steps:

  1. Being logged in, click on the slide content to enable the editor menu
  2. Select the fragment of the text, that includes the material for question and answer alternatives
  3. In the editor menu switch to the "Easy Quest" tab and click the round yellow button with a question mark:

Easy Question result

After selecting a text fragment and clicking on the Easy Quest button, you are redirected to the question tab, and a new question is created from the selected text fragment.

Check and edit the question and alternatives, select the appropriate difficulty, add explanations, if necessary, and click the Save button to assign the question to the slide.

For example, the text fragment from the previous slide turned into following question: