• WSML2Reasoner is a highly modular framework that combines various validation, normalization and transformation algorithms that enable the translation of ontology descriptions in WSML to the appropriate syntax of several underlying reasoning engines
  • WSML2Reasoner has been implemented and tested using various reasoning engines that support all WSML variants with the exception of WSML-Full
  • The WSML2Reasoner framework has a flexible architecture that allows the easy integration of existing reasoning components
    • It first maps WSML to either generic Datalog or OWL (Web Ontology Language), and then uses a plug-in layer that translates to the specific internal representation of a single reasoning engine

Reasoning engines integrated within the WSML2Reasoner framework

  • Integrated Rule Inference System (IRIS) - 
    • Supports WSML-Core, WSML-Flight, WSML-Rule
    • Is an extensible reasoning engine for expressive rule-based languages; supports Datalog extended with stratified and well-founded negation, function symbols, unsafe-rules, XML schema data-types and an extensible set built-in predicates

Reasoning engines integrated within the WSML2Reasoner framework (cont’)

  • KAON2
    • Supports WSML-Core, WSML-Flight, WSML-DL
    • Is an infrastructure for managing OWL-DL, SWRL, and F-Logic ontologies
    • Reasoning in KAON2 is implemented by novel algorithms which reduce a SHIQ(D) knowledge base to a disjunctive datalog program
  • MINS (Mins Is Not Silri)
    • Supports WSML-Core, WSML-Flight, WSML-Rule
    • Is a reasoner for Datalog programs with negation and function symbols which supports well-founded semantics 
    • Supports WSML-Core, WSML-DL
    • Is an OWL DL reasoner written in Java
    • Is based on the tableaux algorithms for expressive Description Logics (DL) and supports the full expressivity of OWL DL, including reasoning about nominals (enumerated classes)