COMP6219 Report Summary Presentation

  • In this short presentation, we summerize the report findings.
    • Evaluating apps for usability and accessibility
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Speaker Notes

Welcome to the COMP6219 Report Summary’ presentation. In this slidewiki deck, we summarize our report findings where we have  evaluated apps for usability and accessibility. Please proceed to the next slides matching audio with speaker notes.

Presentation Compatibility

  • Tested and compatible with: 
    • Mozilla Firefox  (Mac, Windows, Linux)
    • Google Chrome (Mac, Windows, Linux)
    • Safari (Mac only)
    • Microsoft Edge (Windows only)
  • Tested and compatible with
    • Internet Explorer 9+ (Windows only)
  • Tested with BrowserStack:

Speaker Notes

This Slidewiki presentation was tested with all recent browsers which includes Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer 9+  and Google Chrome.Other evaluations were done with BrowserStack where the presentation was tested for compatibility on hundreds of browsers and platforms. You may click on ‘BrowserStack Screenshot Results’ for more info.

Presentation Accessibility

  • Made accessible according to W3C Web Accessibility Guidelines for Presentations
  • Audio Speech:
    • Clear
    • Simple language
    • Audible sound
    • Covers all displayed text
    • Describe visual information
  • Visual presentation:
    • Text and important visuals big enough
    • Easy to read font face
    • Good color contrast
    • Alt description on images

Speaker Notes

This presentation was made accessible according to W3C Web Accessibility Guidelines for Presentations. The audio speech is clear, simple, audible and describing all visual information. As for the presentation,  text and important visuals are large enough for everyone to see. Alt image descriptions are used alongside easy font face and good color contrast.

Reddit (Usability and Accessibility)

  • Main usability accessibility issues:
    • Captcha on login page
    • Inappropriate alt tags 
    • Incomprehensible wording
    • No user control 
    • Inconsistencies with headers
    • Very low contrast 
    • Inaccessible text editor 

Speaker Notes

Reddit’s main usability and accessibility issues include a captcha on the login page, the use of inappropriate alt tags and incomprehensible wording. There is no user control with sudden user redirects. Different headers for each subreddit are found as well. The website has very low contrast and an inaccessible text editor.

Reddit (Misleading Advertising)

  • Example of misleading advertising on Reddit:
Screenshot of Reddit’s main page showing a misleading advertisement.

Speaker Notes

In this picture, we see an example of a misleading advertisement on reddit. The ‘If you are struggling message’ appears to be a normal post within the website but in fact it is a malicious advertisement.

Steam (Usability and Accessibility)

  • Main Usability and Accessibility issues:
    • No captions for videos 
    • Missing Alt Tags
    • Low contrast colors 
    • Lack of user feedback
    • No error correction
    • Poor website navigation
    • Inconsistent template layout

Speaker Notes

Moving on, Steam’s accessibility and usability issues include: The lack of captions on videos and alt image descriptions, low contrast colors, no user feedbacks in some areas of the website, no error correction attempts on search queries, confusing and inconsistent website navigation process, and finally inconsistent template layout.

Steam (Internet Explorer)

  • Not compatible with Internet Explorer 8:
A screenshot of Steam on Internet Explorer 8, the website is not compatible with Internet Explorer 8.

Speaker Notes

In this example, we see a screenshot of Steam’s homepage on Internet Explorer 8. You can clearly see that the website is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

Norton Internet Security

  • Usability and Accessibility issues: 
    • No color or font settings found
    • Lack of keyboard functions documentation
    • No ASCII file format
    • No training for people with disabilities
    • Communication via graphs and icons only
    • Recovering from user decisions not easy
    • Company-made controls

Speaker Notes

As for security software Norton Internet Security, the main accessibility and usability issues includes the lack of ability to change the color or font settings of the software. Norton has keyboard functions but they lack documentation. Reports cannot be exported to ASCII file format. Norton doesn’t offer training for people with disabilities and sometimes they communicate only via graphs and icons. Lastly, recovering from user decisions is not easy and the software uses company-made controls instead of standardized  ones.

Norton Internet Security

  • Communicates information with graphs only sometimes:
    • Trust of a program in colored icons
    • No alternative text!
A screenshot of Norton Internet Security’s Program Control interface.

Speaker Notes

In this example, we a see a screenshot of Norton’s FireWall interface where you can see that Norton is displaying the trust level of a program. However they are communicating that information in icons only and as you can see the icons differ only in color so a color-blind person would not be able to understand this information.

VLC Media Player

  • No support for QT accessibility API
  • Full-screen mode not proper
  • No clear labels
  • Documentation not available offline
  • Tabbing does not work
  • No training offered for people with disabilities
  • Misleading search functionality

Speaker Notes

Lastly VLC media player’s issues include no support for QT accessibility API which is used for blind people, it doesn’t have a full-screen mode that works well with playlists and it lacks clear labels. VLC does not offer any documentation in offline mode. Tabbing does not work to navigate the controls of the software. Besides having a misleading search functionality, VLC also does not offer training to people with disabilities.

Thank you

Speaker Notes


We have reached the end of this presentation. Please check our report or website for more information.

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