Help creating great educational resources

Many people in the world lack access to educational material

Help us to create great educational material covering as many domains and as many languages as possible:

  • Look for decks at SlideWiki, whose domain you know
  • Review the content of decks and help improving them
  • Add self-assessment questions to the slides
  • Translate decks covering topics you know well into your mother tongue
  • Look for existing presentations and e-learning material, which could be imported into SlideWiki

Lecture Wishlist

The following online courses are waiting to be imported and translated in SlideWIki:

Spread the Word

We are convinced that SlideWiki can have a positive impact on many different aspects.

Help us spreading the word about SlideWiki:

  • organize new SlideWiki lectures in your domain of expertise by devising a curriculum and mobilizing other people to contribute content to this curriculum
  • tell your friends, colleagues, peers about SlideWiki in your language by email, on Twitter in Social networks, ...
  • keep in touch with SlideWiki by subscribing to our news and/or mailinglist
  • become a SlideWiki ambassador or domain curator 

Become a SlideWiki Ambassador

We aim to establish a network of local, regional and national SlideWiki ambassadors, which:

  • represent the SlideWiki community in their region, present SlideWiki at relevant conventions and events
  • translate the SlideWiki user interface and documentation to your language
  • support the curation of localized courseware
  • help building a local, regional or national SlideWiki OpenCourseWare community

If you are interested to become a SlideWiki Ambassador please contact us.

Become a SlideWiki Domain Curator

If you are an expert in a certain domain (e.g. history, mathematics, engineering etc.) you can support SlideWiki by help curating content in your domain of expertise:

  • help us acquiring additional OpenCourseWare in your domain
  • assess the quality of existing OpenCourseWare in your domain
  • represent SlideWiki in your community

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darya (VUA)

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