Playing slides

Please use the browser fullscreen mode (by pressing F11) for playing your slides.

You can use arrows (up,down, right, left) as well as 'space', 'enter' buttons for navigation.

The following shortcuts can also be used when playing slides:

  • 'S' : enable/disable scaling.

  • 'F' : enable/disable full slide size.

  • 'M' : go to menu for the list of slides.

  • 'G': go to a specific slide by entering its number.

    * Please use your browser zooming feature ([CTRL +] and [CTRL -]) to adjust your presentation if needed.

    * SlideWiki also supports zoomable presentations.Try a demo here.

Import & Export

SlideWiki allows to import & export presentations from:

  • Powerpoint (.pptx format, import only)
    • Currently, only raster images are imported from Powerpoint, but import of vector graphic (converted to SVG) is planned.
  • deck.js HTML
    • allows users to work locally and increases content security (backup your presentations)
  • PDF - just klick the "Print Deck" button and print it to PDF from your browser.
  • LaTeX (experimental import only)
  • SCORM package (export only)
    • allows to move content between different Learning Management Systems


Despite its focus on collaboration, SlideWiki strives to be a good steward of preserving and acknowledging the original creator of a certain contribution: 

  • All content contributed to SlideWiki must be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License
    • You can additionally license your content under even more liberal licensing schemes (e.g. CC-BY or CC0), by simply adding a respective note to the deck description.
  • All changes and revisions performed by a certain user are preserved and the respective user is added to the list of contributors for a certain item (i.e. slide, deck, question)
  • If content is copied from other sources SlideWiki allows to attribute these sources on a slide ("Add original source"  below the speaker notes) and deck basis ("Original source" on the deck edit tab)

Social networking

SlideWiki allows to follow the update stream of slides, decks and users 

Currently, you can login to SlideWiki using your Facebook account

Further integration with social networks is planned

Code highlighting

SlideWiki employs CodeMirror  to highlight sourcecode within slides.
  • To use this feature
    • go to editor Insert tab and then choose "Insert Code Snippet" or
    • go to source code and add a < DIV > tag containing the following attributes: class ="code" mode ="your desirable mode"
  • The following modes are currently supported : javascript , css , xml , htmlmixed , php , ntriples , sparql
  • If you want to put more than one code snippet within a slide, use <TEXTAREA> tag instead of <DIV>
  • For example:
<p vocab="" typeof="Person"> My name is <span property="name">Sören Auer</span> and you can give me a ring via <span property="telephone">49-341-97-32367</span> or visit <a property="url" href="">my homepage</a>. </p>

Globally Recognized Avatars

SlideWiki supports Gravatar for using Globally Recognized Avatars.

Your Gravatar is an image (based on the email you have registered with in SlideWiki) that appears next to your name when you contributed slides/decks, comments, etc. Avatars help identify your contributions on SlideWiki.

* In order to set your avatar, you need to register your corresponding email address (which is used by SlideWiki) at the Gravatar website.


 Users can send messages to each other.

To send message to other users, go to the intended user profile and click on the "Write message" link

Remote control for presentations

  • SlideWiki allows to sync the display of a presentation on several devices, for example, a presenter PC/notebook and tablets/smartphones of people in the audience
  • If the presenter switches slides, so will all the devices, which follow the presentation
  • Once you play a presentation, a QR code together with a short link will be displayed and can be shared with other users 
  • Users who open the link will see the presentation as you are playing it so any change in slide is immediately reflected in other users browsers 
  • This feature can also be used as a remote control for your presentation, when you play the presentation on your smartphone and open the respective link on the presenter PC

SlideWiki on Mobile Devices

SlideWiki can be used on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices

Editing functionality on these devices might, however, be limited 

Search and Replace

  •  Users can search within a deck content by clicking on the search icon on top of the presentation tree and entering their desirable search keywords.

  • Users (when logged in) can select "Find and Replace" feature from the context menu by right clicking on nodes in the tree.

Printing slides

To print a deck, click the following button and choose the Print option from your browser menu:

Creator: soeren (TIB)

ali1k (VU Amsterdam), darya (VUA)

Licensed under the Creative Commons
Attribution ShareAlike CC-BY-SA license

This deck was created using SlideWiki.