Service Description

  • A telecommunication company wants to enter a highly competitive video on demand market.
  • The market is formed around the service provisioning platform based on WSMO-Lite service description 
  • The company has a WSDL service offering video on demand subscription functionality
    • The service formulates basic concepts in the domain such as Customer, Service, Network Connection, etc. in the form of XML Schema.
    • The service provides basic subscription operation.
  • The service can processed a subscription request only if a customer already has a network connection with the appropriate bandwidth.
  • The company also wants to associate its pricing schema related to the service consumption.

WSMO-Lite Description

@prefix rdfs : < rdf −schema#> .

@prefix rdf : <−rdf−syntax−ns#> .

@prefix wsl : <http:// /ns/ wsmo−lite #> .

@prefix ex: <> .

@prefix xs : <> .

@prefix wsml : <http:// / wsml / wsml −syntax#> .

  <> a wsl:Ontology.ex:Customer a rdfs:Class .

ex:hasService a rdf:Property ;

  rdfs:domain ex:Customer ;

  rdfs:range ex:Service .

ex:Service a rdfs:Class .

ex:hasConnection a rdf:Property ;

  rdfs:domain ex:Customer ;

  rdfs:range ex:NetworkConnection .

ex:NetworkConnection a rdfs:Class .

ex:providesBandwidth a rdf:Property ;

  rdfs:domain ex:NetworkConnection ;

  rdfs:range xs:integer .

ex:VideoOnDemandService rdfs:subClassOf ex:Service .

ex:VideoOnDemandSubscriptionPrecondition a wsl:Condition ;

  rdf:value ””” ?customer[ ex#hasConnection hasValue ?connection] memberOf ex#Customer and ?connection[ ex#providesBandwidth hasValue ?y] memberOf ex#NetworkConnection and ?y > 1000”””ˆˆ wsml:AxiomLiteral .

WSMO-Lite Description (cont')

ex:VideoOnDemandSubscriptionEffect a wsl:Effect ;

  rdf:value ””” ?customer[ ex#hasService hasValue ?service] memberOf ex#Customer and ?service memberOf VideoOnDemandSubscription ”””ˆˆ wsml:AxiomLiteral .

wsml:AxiomLiteral a rdfs:Datatype .

ex:PriceSpecification rdfs:subClassOf wsl:NonFunctionalParameter .

ex:VideoOnDemandPrice a ex:PriceSpecification ;

  ex:pricePerChange ”30”ˆˆ ex:euroAmount ;

  ex:installationPrice ”49”ˆˆ ex:euroAmount .

ex:SubscriptionService a wsl:FunctionalClassificationRoot .

ex:VideoSubscriptionService rdfs:subClassOf ex:SubscriptionService .

ex:NewsSubscriptionService rdfs:subClassOf ex:SubscriptionService .

WSMO-Lite Description (cont')

  • The description defines a simple ontology for a telecommunication service: 
    • the capability for a concrete Video on Demand subscription service (the condition says that the customer must have a network connection with some minimal bandwidth, the effect says that the customer is subscribed to the service);
    • a nonfunctional property describing the pricing; 
    • a simple functionality classification with three categories. 
    • defines also the wsml:AxiomLiteral data type for WSML-Flight logical expressions so that a client can correctly process them according to the WSML specification. 

SAWSDL Annotations - Fragments

  • Reference annotation linking to the class from the service information model ontology and transformation annotation referencing mapping used to lower semantic descriptions to an appropriate communication format.
  • Functional annotation including references to the capabilities and categories applied to the interface definition.

SAWSDL Annotations - Fragments

  • Non functional model reference annotation associated with the concrete service.

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